"My daughter was graduating from high school and we were in search of some type of creative style in invitations that would separate her design from the traditional invites. My oldest daughter highly recommended Mr. Jay's Signature Studios to do the work. Well, I decided to call to see what we could come up with. Mr. Jay was very professional and made suggestions that would not only save money on our order, but would also save time.

We had an idea but needed that professional touch that would be unique in style. Mr. Jay requested I send my sample and that he would get back to me the following day with a sample. As promised, Mr. Jay called to let me know he sent the sample via email and we could tweak the invite from there. We were so happy with the results and amazed on how well everything turned out! The work he put into the project far exceeded our expectations. Mr. Jay was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt in his delivery. The process was easy, but most of all we did not experience any hassle!! We are so grateful to Mr. Jay for the work delivered with professionalism. Mr. Jay is truly a man of God using his God given talents to glorify Him...."

Carla S. Payne, RCP/MBA, Sr. Pulmonary Technologist

Nina Dixon

“If you are looking for someone to make your beautiful ideas come to life for your event or business, don't look any further Mr. Jay is your guy. Not only did he took my order the night before my daughter party and had it ready the next morning, he came up with the design because God know I didn't have no idea what I wanted. The package was top of the line, I thought I was ordering from a major world wide company. Believe it or not his service was ten times better. Will I use him again you better believe it. Mr. Jay keep up the good work.”

Whitney Buckley, Model

“If only I had a million hours an that many pieces of paper then i could truly tell u about Mr Jay aka James Ben. He is one of the most creative an passionate people ive met. He has a unique eye for what he does an he is truly blessed with the gift of capturing moments either through photo or video to you name it. I would say that MrJay is one of the best people to work with professional wise and with his creativity. I am 100% Team Mr. Jay all the Way.”

Linda Boatner-Wynn, First Lady of Inside Out Worship Center

"Mr. Jay, your work is awesome. Over the years you have demonstrated the level of professionalism and dedication that it takes to be the master of videography and photography. I am so excited about the projects that we have lined up as well as your Signature Studio. I would not hesitate to recommend you to everyone that I know. May God continue to bless you."

Alana Rene' Higginbotham, Makeup Artist/Stylist

“Jay is very talented and creative. He is easy to work with and has no problem incorporating all of your ideas into the finished product. Customization and customer service is his specialty. He made my vision a reality.”

“I launched my cupcakery and used Jay's Studio for a cupcake shoot. The pictures were amazing! It increased my business.”

Leah Bourn, Real Estate Agent

"Well I can't say enough about how pleased I was with the services I received from start to finish .This young man is so talented and blessed his work speaks for it self. He completed an order for me and my family  we had order candy bars and water bottles for my niece first bday party. I don't know what exactly I was expecting but it was more than I imagine.The presentation , packaging and the product itself was AMAZING...Just AMAZING everyone was happy and was very pleased...Thank You Signature Studios for your hardwork and dedication. Chandra Williams & Family. P.S You will be used for all future events :)...."

Admin at Caregivers Home Health

Chandra Heath

April Turner, U of H Graduate

"Working with you jay has been a tremendous experience!!! When you can work with someone who can produce your vision exactly how you want it, is a blessing! You are blessed with a gift of creativity and I am proud to been able to get a touch of it! Cant wait to do more with you! You made my graduation even more beautiful!"

Alvin Ray Jr.

Photographer- "Showtyme Shots"

"Mr.Jay has been a very inspirational person throughout the time I've known him. I have met my share of photographers since i started but, he is by far the only one i can call a friend. I'm a beginner in this field an Mr.Jay has been the most patient and humble person in regards to me having questions and or concerns about my own work. He has been there to lend advise on anything i needed ,photography tips or even business advise. His work is outstanding and speaks for itself, but it's "The Man Behind the Camera" that is truly a work of art... I wish you much success!! #TeamMr.Jay

Jabrecia Lightfoot

Founder and CEO
EBP (Elite Branding and PR)

"I want to say that this man is AMAZZZZZZZZZIIIINNNGGGG!!!  I sent Mr. Jay two examples of what I wanted and he made it happen. I was clueless to what or how I wanted to make my card stand out. We exchanged emails at least 20 times within 30 minutes while we were talking about the design. If you really want personal service and good quality, and someone that can really bring your vision to life, Mr. Jay at Signature Studios Houston is the place you need to contact for whatever your needs are."

"Professionalism is not the word.... I myself am a stickler on customer service; I think it is MOST important aspect of running any business. Mr. Jay rendered EXCELLENT customer service. I met with him to place my invitation order, by the time I made it home I already had a sample waiting on me. That sample was exactly what I was looking for. There were no holes is communication, and my order turn around time was just what promised. He was professional from start to my paid receipt packet I received with my order. LOVE IT.
So as long as he is in business I will be using him for any graphic needs and encouraging other to do so as well.."

Behavior Health Clinical

Coordinator Supervisor

Keisha Tates

"Signature Studios handled my request quickly. James is very talented, and his work proves that. I will definitely use him for future projects...."

Breast Cancer Survivor

Empowerment Network

Brittney Goff Wiley

Jillian Raffington

Jewelry Designer/ Image Consultant

"When you think about having a photograph taken, you can feel confident that Mr Jay from Signature Studios will capture your unique spirit. Mr Jay makes every session into a creative collaboration. He approaches each new encounter as if he has known you for a lifetime, making that special moment fun and comfortable. He never just takes a photograph, he captures your unique art!"

Brooklyn Mann, Co-Owner of Out of This World Events

"Signature Studios is the Chick-fil-A of the graphics and print world. Always professional, FAST, courteous, ready to work and most of all creative. As event planners our creativily can be somewhat extra, but he always works hard to understand what I envision and brings it to reality. I can think of something at 10p at night and by the next morning it's ready! The event Gods (Lol) couldn't have sent Out of This World Events a better graphics company!"

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